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Are you moving home? Do you need packaging supplies? You have come to the right place. At Henry Speight Ltd, we offer a full range of packing materials at great prices. Contact us for a free estimate.

Comprehensive packing solutions

Own-packing services
If you’d prefer to pack your own belongings, we can supply all the packing materials you need. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Packing services for China-glass and breakables
At Henry Speight Ltd in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, we will supply you with packing materials to pack most items yourself, and our professional crew will pack your kitchen china, glassware, mirrors, pictures and ornaments to maximise the protection of your goods.

Full packing services
Our crew will safely pack everything in your home. This is a convenient service designed to save you time and effort.
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Packing list

We can supply you with your packaging materials if you need; however, you will probably also want some extra tips:
  • Gather boxes in all sizes from friends and neighbours
  • Collect cushioning materials such as newspapers, blankets, tissues and towels to use as padding material in the boxes
  • Create a ‘portable packing kit’ with marker pens, a tape measure, packing tapes and scissors. Carry it round the house as your packing
  • Tape the boxes to make sure nothing stays on the floor when you’re picking it up
  • Mark what’s in the boxes on the top such as kitchen goods or bedroom 1
  • Clearly table boxes that are filled with fragile items
  • Keep the weight of each box down
  • Pack books in small boxes
  • Pack personal items you might need during the move together, and keep them handy. There’s nothing worse than finding out it’s been packed onto the back of the van by mistake
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General moving tips

  • Disconnect and bundle power cables on electrical equipment
  • Plan and measure where your furniture will be placed in your new home. It’s helpful to draw a layout of your new home and sketch in major pieces of furniture
  • To save time on the day, move boxes from upstairs and cellars if you have the time, onto the ground floor. This helps the move run smoothly and saves a lot of time
  • Don’t panic – we are here to help
All you have to do is get in touch with Henry Speight Ltd. We will come to your location and provide you with a free estimate on our packing services.
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0114 258 5883 for high-quality packaging supplies in Sheffield, South Yorkshire
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